I'm a New Mexican native living happily in the Midwest. I know what you are thinking, and yes, I did move here on purpose! I am a sucker for four seasons. 

I've always been a wild at heart artist with an incurable desire to see new places and people. My pets are my children, my husband is my biggest support, and I still think Skyrim is one of the best games ever created. 

I was 28 when I decided to be a typical millennial and quit my job as a bank teller to pursue my dream of being a full time artist. Everyone told me to pick just one thing to focus on, and I tried my best. But it turned out that my niche may just be bringing many artistic mediums into one place. 

I loved photography and graphic design, but everyone was doing it and my background was in music. I was unsure how to stand out and do my own thing. Then, I simply stopped worrying about the formula and started creating whatever came to my heart. 

What resulted was an online artboard that feels a little bit like a magazine and a lot like an inspiration board. Around these parts you'll find my passion projects splayed out like kids' art school projects sticking to the refrigerator. 

But primarily you will find my heart on digital paper. This is my journal. I've wrestled with hard things and come out on the other side with stories. I share these stories with you in hopes that they find you when you need them most. 

Whatever reason you found yourself here, I'm glad you found your way into this space, even if for a moment. May these words come to you like a comforting embrace and meet you in your darkest hour. Stick around, enjoy this cozy space I've created, and I hope to hear from you soon! 

And of course, I'm always excited to potentially work together to make some amazing art happen. 


for the free birds and wild at heart

Bucketlist Destinations

Faroe Island
Isle of Man
New Zealand
Petra, Jordan
Mt. Everest

creative manifesto

i believe in creating from a place of vulnerability and openness. I will trust the process and see it through to the end. i will not be afraid of the unknown, for it is simply an opportunity for new discovery. i will admit my mistakes, be quick to ask for forgiveness, but will not accept defeat. i will choose to think the best about people instead of assuming the worst. i will always continue to improve upon my work. i will be hungry for knowledge and will not fear wisdom or critique. i will aim to be honest with myself and will not trade truthfulness for public affirmation. i will stand firm in my convictions but will not belittle or tromp on people in that stand. i will create with authenticity as my foundation, redemption as my motivator, and connection as my goal. this is my manifesto. 

If you are interested in working with me, reach out for a detailed services and pricing guide! If you are curious about anything, please do not hesitate to ask! Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter down below to keep up to date on the journal! Look forward to hearing from you!

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