Hello there! My name is Kayla. I reside in Michigan with my hubby and two fur babies (doggo & cat). I originally grew up in New Mexico, but desperately wanted to live somewhere where they had long winters. I am an adventurer and artist; a dreamer with my head stuck in the clouds. I crave far off places, new cultural experiences, and meeting beautiful people. 

But like many others, I have hit roadblocks of fear, frustration, overwhelm, and lack of motivation that kept me from living an abundant life. Pressure and failure are great teachers.

Over time, I've created a framework for multi-passionate creatives to wrestle, wonder, and work out my God-given gift. I love meeting other MPC's in their ruts and helping them cultivate and manage their ideas instead of being overwhelmed by them. 

things I'm all about

Weight Lifting & Strength Training
Pretending I'm a Gardener
Video Games (Skyrim is a fav)
Salty Snacks
Writing & Composing Music
Sci-Fi Podcasts
Young Adult & Fantasy Fiction
Fur Baby Snuggles
Authentic Mexican Food
Learning New Languages 
Thrift Shopping 
Travel & New Cultural Experiences

Floral Patterns
Deep Conversations
Going to Bed Early
YouTube Dance Workouts
Driving with the Windows Down
Dark Beers & Sweet Wines
Stamps in my Passport
Tea (No Coffee....bleh)
Overalls, Jumpsuits, and Rompers
Seeing Others Succeed
My Family
Being Barefoot
Fall & Cooler Weather

travel wishlist

Faroe Islands
Isle of Man
New Zealand
Petra, Jordan
Katmandu & Mt. Everest
All U.S. National Parks (one trip)

I believe in creating from a place of vulnerability and openness. I will trust the process and see it through to the end. I will not be afraid of the unknown, for it is simply an opportunity for new discovery. I will admit my mistakes, be quick to ask for forgiveness, but will not accept defeat. I will choose to think the best about people instead of assuming the worst. I will always continue to improve upon my work. I will be hungry for knowledge and will not fear wisdom or critique.  I will aim to be honest with myself and will not trade truthfulness for public affirmation.  I will stand firm in my convictions but will not belittle or tromp on people in that stand. I will create with authenticity as my foundation, redemption as my motivator, and connection as my goal. This is my manifesto. 

creative manifesto