Hello there! My name is Kayla. I reside in Michigan with my hubby and two fur babies (doggo & cat). I originally grew up in New Mexico, but desperately wanted to live somewhere where they had long winters. I am an adventurer and artist; a dreamer with my head stuck in the clouds. I crave far off places, new cultural experiences, and meeting beautiful people. But like many others, I have hit roadblocks of fear, frustration, overwhelm, and lack of motivation that kept me from living an abundant life. Pressure and failure are great teachers. Over the years, I have found paths to peace, routines that lead to rest, and perspectives that settle my purpose. My identity is found in God and who He has made me to be. This space is an invitation. 

An invitation to take a peek into my wrestlings and wanderings in order to grab a seed of encouragement, wisdom, or challenge. I do not know everything but gladly share the lessons I have learned - and am currently learning - in hopes that you don't have to walk this road alone. I feel my feelings in a big way and I write about them. Welcome to my corner of the internet. Cozy up. 


things I'm all about

Weight Lifting & Strength Training
Pretending I'm a Gardener
Video Games (Skyrim is a fav)
Salty Snacks
Writing & Composing Music
Sci-Fi Podcasts
Young Adult & Fantasy Fiction
Fur Baby Snuggles
Authentic Mexican Food
Learning New Languages 
Thrift Shopping 
Travel & New Cultural Experiences

Floral Patterns
Deep Conversations
Going to Bed Early
YouTube Dance Workouts
Driving with the Windows Down
Dark Beers & Sweet Wines
Stamps in my Passport
Tea (No Coffee....bleh)
Overalls, Jumpsuits, and Rompers
Seeing Others Succeed
My Family
Being Barefoot
Fall & Cooler Weather

travel wishlist

Faroe Islands
Isle of Man
New Zealand
Petra, Jordan
Katmandu & Mt. Everest
All U.S. National Parks (one trip)

I believe in creating from a place of vulnerability and openness. I will trust the process and see it through to the end. I will not be afraid of the unknown, for it is simply an opportunity for new discovery. I will admit my mistakes, be quick to ask for forgiveness, but will not accept defeat. I will choose to think the best about people instead of assuming the worst. I will always continue to improve upon my work. I will be hungry for knowledge and will not fear wisdom or critique.  I will aim to be honest with myself and will not trade truthfulness for public affirmation.  I will stand firm in my convictions but will not belittle or tromp on people in that stand. I will create with authenticity as my foundation, redemption as my motivator, and connection as my goal. This is my manifesto. 

creative manifesto