sounds fancy...

So what's a multi-passionate creative anyways?

if you're looking for transformation, start here
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1. God has gifted you in this way - it is not your downfall. 
2. You are welcome to safely land here as you learn to steward that gift well.

if that is you, hear this

Non-traditional 9-5 jobs/work history
Vast network of hobbies and interests
Different friend groups
Desire to experience new things
Loves change (changing decor often, new routines, ect.)

signs you might be an mpc

Lack of confidence
Not good enough
Caged or boxed in

which often results in mpc's feeling

All over the place

they are often misidentified as

Mutli-passionate creative (n) - a person who has multiple passions and/or gifts that they pursue at the same time, in cycles, or in different seasons of their life. 

be deeply



May you be deeply rooted in the truth of who God has created you to be. May you gain a greater knowledge and revelation of His love for you.