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Idea Management Monday™| OCT ’21, V.1

October 25, 2021

Kayla Sluka

Welcome, friend!

Hello, friend! Welcome to the first edition of Idea Management Monday’s™ where I deep dive into a concept from my framework for multi-passionate creatives: the Idea Management System™. 

Today we will be chatting about brainstorming and brain dumping

In case you are new and have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a quick recap! 

Earlier this year when I was asking God for something to help me and other multi-passionates wrestle, wonder, and work out our gift, I got a divine download. A framework to help us manage our ideas instead of being overwhelmed by them. 

While this framework was originally conceived for multi-passionates, I have come to realize its benefits extend to those who would not necessarily consider themselves creatives as well. Here’s the fancy schmancy elevator pitch of the IMS –

The Idea Management System™

The Idea Management System™ is a lifestyle framework that promotes healthy rhythms of organizing your overwhelm into more manageable, realistic, and resolvable pieces. 

It consists of two concentric circles that represent the macro (longer-term) and micro (shorter-term/daily) intentions, divided into six segments. These six segments are meant to be moved through in order around the circle and are as follows:

  1. Brainstorm/Brain Dump
  2. Review
  3. Filter
  4. Prioritize
  5. Implement
  6. Nourish

The Idea Management Wheel™ is divided by a line called the thought/action plane and represents the balance between thinking and doing

In case you’re head is already exploding, here’s a visual to assist!

Visual 1.0

The Theory

So let’s get into it! 

The first section/step, as you can see above, is Brainstorming/Brain Dumping. This is the only section that will have a different name for the macro and micro levels. While they are similar, they accomplish a few different goals. 

So let’s get a definition up in here! 

Brainstorming (v.) – was originally an activity created for groups of people to discuss and come up with new ideas to solve a problem. 

Brain dumping (v.) – a technique to stop overthinking and reduce the pressure one might feel. 

More simply put….

(MACRO) Brainstorming primarily deals with solving a problem or fulfilling a need. 

(MICRO) Brain dumping primarily deals with reducing anxiety and organizing mental clutter.

While they are slightly different, they are accomplishing one primary goal: placing your overwhelm outside of yourself. 

There is a reason that Brainstorming and Brain Dumping are the first step you take in the Idea Management System™. 

Hustle culture keeps telling you to –

  • Keep pushing
  • Fake it til you make it
  • You can sleep when you’re dead
  • Hustle harder
  • Rise and grind

The IMS encourages you to slow down FIRST. There is no benefit to you to continue on the hamster wheel if you are under a heavy weight of overwhelm and anxiety. 

Brainstorming and brain dumping encourages introspection, prayer, and surrender. To find grounding in the things that matter and allow the rest to fall away. 

The Benefits

So, let’s jump into the benefits of Brainstorming and Brain Dumping!

  1. Move overwhelm and mental clutter outside of yourself

2. Reduction in anxiety

3. Mental space

4. Teaches brain to purge more frequently

5. Built in check point/mile marker

6. Gives brain a rest

The Practice

Okay, awesome! I love those benefits – but how do we DO the thing, Kayla?

I’m going to guess you’re pretty dang smart and already have an idea how Brainstorming and Brain Dumping works. But here are a few tips that make these strategies work the way they were designed to –

  1. Do not filter – the goal is to get all of those ideas and all that overwhelm out of your head. Don’t worry about the things that feel “crazy”. We tend to limit our thoughts before they ever hit the page. DO. NOT. FILTER.
  2. Quantity > Quality – Similar to not filtering, do not worry about the quality of what is hitting the page. The purpose is to purge so you can move your overwhelm out of your head. Don’t worry about making it pretty – that’s for later.
  3. Give yourself time – there’s no need to rush this practice. Take the time that is needed to truly getting all that mental clutter outside of yourself. 
  4. Pen + Paper – while the digital world has brought amazing benefits, pen and paper are still king in this practice. Writing all this down on paper incorporates more of your senses than typing on your phone. 
  5. Take a break – instead of reviewing your Brainstorm or Brain Dump as soon as you finish, you need to walk away and take some time from your list. Allow yourself to enjoy the mental space you just created before moving on. 

Brainstorming is primarily used for intentions that are forward looking 30 days or more and generally related to our visions, dreams, and goals. 

Brain dumping is primarily used for daily intentions that are generally more task-oriented and affecting us immediately. 

Since there is some nuance, I’ve added a few examples below so you can pick up what I’m putting down. 

Brainstorming Examples:

-ideas for your next eBook

-all the ways you could release your eBook

-all the platform options for online course

-the things you would like to accomplish in life

-how to distribute information on your class on the internet

Brain Dumping Examples:

-all of the things you need to get done today

-the things that are making you anxious

-tasks that you need to get done for the week at work

-people you need to reply to via email

-housework needing to be done before family visits

-ways you are feeling overwhelmed

The Conclusion

I hope this first step in the IMS™ is a practice you can begin to incorporate into your life as a multi-passionate. Or perhaps as someone who just feels a bit overwhelmed by life. 

Always remember that Jesus took time away – He was not always going and doing and hustling. Brainstorming and Brain dumping encourages us to do just that. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments! I look forward to reading them!

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