you've been here before.

The story goes like this. 

You have plenty of ideas but rarely follow through on them. You try to niche down because that's what the social media gurus said to do. You've bought the online courses and guides but they sit paid for yet unfinished. That doesn't help because now you feel boxed in. Soon after, you spiral into guilt for not being more "put together". Overwhelm builds to the point of mental paralysis and you throw in the towel...again. You question your identity and decide that "you're just not good enough".

What if you changed  your story?

Being a multi-passionate creative is your gift, not your downfall. 

Our society favors the ultra-niched down, intensely specific, and specialized genres. This doesn't leave room for the person who identifies as a multi-passionate creative. 

But there IS space for you -
You're not alone. 

Sometimes the transformation we need begins when we allow someone else to wade into our overwhelm with us. 

Imagine if you could....
-Nourish your ideas long term
-Sustain healthy rhythms of rest and work
-Identify and break through creative ruts
-Leverage your time and find focus

How would your life improve? 



for the free birds and wild at heart

Transformation often occurs within a community of like minded people. That's why I created this space for you. 

Transformation often occurs within the safety of loving AND honest feedback. That's what this community aims to do. 



Willing to invest financially in themselves and their ideas

Consider themselves multi-passionate and/or creative entreprenuer

Overwhelmed and are ready to finally make changes

Excited to work with me!

Have at least 3 hours a week to commit to this process

Not ready to commit financially

Want an overnight quick fix

Content with where they're at in their life

Thinking of another coach you'd like to work with more

Too busy to commit time to the community

I'm excited to work with people who are...

We probably won't be a good fit if you are...

Our journey will include...

prayer + listening

monthly prompts

rooted wednesday

monthly masterclass

This community's foundation is Christ and we want to cover it in prayer. You will have the opportunity to pray for others and be prayed over as we seek God together. 

Each month I will be providing prompts for you to dive deeper in your journey as an MPC. These can be used as traditional journal prompts, or just questions to keep at the forefront of your mind. 

Once a week, community members will have an opportunity to bring a real world raodblock to our weekly call. Together we will analyze, encourage, collaborate, and support one another as we work through our ideas and bring them to life. 

Once a month, I will be presenting a masterclass on a topic chosen by the community via poll. We will "meet up" via Zoom, and spend 60-90 minutes learning together. There will be a Q & A time at the end of each class!

introducing: the idea management system

No need to struggle any longer with traditional organization tools. If you've got a stack of journals/planners/calendars that you start but never finish, then this system is for you. After being frustrated with every planner I could ever find, I decided to do things a little differently. Most tools were time-oriented. I created my own system that is idea-oriented. It has been one of the greatest shifts in my creative life. In this community, you will be the first to try it out and a special discount when it's officially published and available to the public!

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