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April 27, 2016

Modest Closet: Shoes, Spring 16 Edition

If you ask my mother, she will tell you that I have always been one to find a good deal. Especially when it comes to clothing and accessories. I have always been a thrift and clearance shopper. I can vividly remember when my mom told me, to my hearts grave disappointment, that it was unrealistic to buy a nice pair of jeans under $10. I have been trying to prove her wrong ever since. More recently, I have been exploring the idea of only buying clothing and accessories solely from second hand stores. I would not consider myself a tree-hugger but I have noticed how excessively wasteful we are in our society. It is not hard for me to give up going to a retail store and shifting my attention to the thrift shops. With this in mind, I’ve decided to really put a lot of effort into thrifting and DIYing. First, because I happen to have a talent for it and a great eye for beauty. Secondly, I know there are many of us who love fashion and design but simply cannot afford the high sticker prices at retail stores. Hopefully, this Modest Closet series will inspire you, help you find some amazing deals, and encourage you to spend your shopping money well. Here we go! I figured the best place to start is where most women love….shoes! Here are some of my favorite shoe finds that are currently in my closet!



Cost: $1.50 Salvation Army


Cost: $6.00 Salvation Army

2016-04-27_0005 2016-04-27_0006

Cost: $2.00 Plato’s Closet

2016-04-27_0007 2016-04-27_0008

Cost: $4.00 Plato’s Closet


Cost: $6.00 Plato’s Closet


Cost: $3.00 Savers

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