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January 2, 2016

Travelouge: Sparky’s Burgers, Hatch, NM


Nestled in the heart of this small village stands an eclectic restaurant known for their “World Famous Green Chili Burger”. New Mexican Natives are very well acquainted with Sparky’s Burgers and will drive many miles to sink their teeth into a juicy burger.

This weekend was like any other for this Las Crucen. My mom and I hopped in the car and went to Sparky’s for lunch. Affectionately known as Sparky’s, visitors can expect a smattering of menu items from burgers to coffee to desert. Though their Green Chili Burger is what they are known for, any item on the menu is worthy of being ordered. My personal favorite is the half pound of briquet paired alongside their sweet creamed corn with green chili. I did mention we love green chili right?

If you blink while driving through Hatch, you might miss it. But even so, it is impossible to miss Sparky’s as it is decorated with various mascots and vintage tokens from ages past. When you first walk in, you are greeted by a counter of delicious over-sized desserts with a sign that reads, “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” I feel comfortable already. There is a kind mermaid who has been redressed for modesty hanging from the ceiling in the front entrance. If you did not realize that the place was eclectic before walking in, you should now.

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One man’s junk is another mans treasure. From old bench seats to gas station marquees, there is never a dull space in this tiny joint. I may have seen the gas station sign from my favorite  corner market I used to visit as a child. The environment is incredibly homey. One can only imagine the endless stories that could be told by each keepsake in their wide collection.

Though they are only open from Thursday to Saturday, they bring in a constant flow of customers begging for the best. Live music also is a staple and many artists have been featured. While I have not been to a live music event personally, I imagine it is all the rage.

New Mexico is deemed the Land of Enchantment, and for very good reason. If you find yourself in our neck of the woods, take a side trip for a great burger beneath the head of the Bison and hear the future by the old “Trapper Fortune Teller” machine. I swear that guy knows things.

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