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This one is for the free birds and the wild at heart. The ones who dream big dreams and keep that child-like spirit alive. The ones longing to be writers, artists, speakers, managers, teachers, and entrepreneurs. The ones who relentlessly seek purpose in everything they set their minds to. The adventurers, do it yourself-ers, and deep end divers. 

But this is also for the lost, lonely, and broken. The ones in the middle of the journey with no light at the end of the tunnel. The ones still waiting for unfulfilled dreams, peace and stability, or closure. The ones who were betrayed, forgotten, or left behind. The end of the road-ers, failed again-ers, and heavy burden carriers. The ones looking for God, looking for hope, looking for life.

This is my heart splayed out on digital paper. My personal journey as journal entries and love letters to the world. In this space I hope you find encouragement, inspiration, challenge, and a whole lotta hope. 

This one is for you.

"...to treasure the life they live."

...this one is for you....


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